You might not realize it, but most of the wine you buy comes to you via a convoluted network of distributors, shippers, agents, brokers and other various middlemen. By the time it hits your doorstep, it's anyone's guess as to how many warehouses, docks, trucks, and shipping containers your wine has encountered. Along every step of the way it loses a little bit of its original personality, a little bit of its soul, and most of its story. 

With Road Cru you'll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting the types of wines and wineries that rarely see the light of day in the American market. We're the champion of the little guy. We actually love to hear the words, "I just don't have much wine available."

And we'll tell you about the wine you buy--not with arbitrary numerical scores or pedantic scientific data. We'll make you feel like YOU'RE RIGHT THERE WITH US, every step of the way, getting to know the people and stories behind every bottle we select and import.

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